BancoSol integrates and optimizes their administrative processes with K2B


BancoSol is an organization which provides financial services in Bolivia, supporting microbusinesses and entrepreneurships. They work with more than 1.1 million clients distributed all over the national territory. The Bank has a presence in Bolivia’s nine cities with 759 service points, including agencies, “Sol Amigo” service points, and network of ATMs.


BancoSol selected K2B to improve their internal management processes. After 8 months of work, they are operational with all of the K2B modules and are integrated with Bantotal, the leading Core Banking solution in Latin America.

With the implementation of K2B’s ERP solution (K2B Enterprise), the organization now has a cutting-edge technological platform which allows for them to integrate and optimize the Bank’s administrative processes.

K2B provides a solution for the different processes in the Bank, including financial, administrative, and accounting management, including processes related to requests for assets and services, purchase processes, contract management, commercial document management, and payments to providers. It also includes a warehouse management feature, including the reception and dispatching of assets and their inventories.

In addition to the above, a specific module was included to manage the maintenance of assets, both for preventive and corrective purposes. A document manager was also included, which allows for documents and other digital files to be sent to the individuals who need them or to anyone who must participate in the process.



  • Eliminate task duplications between the Regional and the National Offices.
  • Centralize a high number of processes and offer consistent information to all their staff members.
  • Automatically assign accounting entries as needed, with an integration with the Bank’s central accounting module.
  • Enable the organization’s transformation, and adopt more efficient and better practices.
  • Automatically manage the Bank’s fixed assets.
  • Integration with Bantotal.
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