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A management solution specially designed for the Financial Industry

Companies who already trust K2B

We have boosted the digitization process for many banks and financial institutions

Our ERP allows integrated and collaborative management of your financial institution

Automating certain processes in the management of financial entities will greatly facilitate control and decision-making. Our solution covers the entire administrative, financial and accounting process from the registration of the requirement for materials or services to its payment. We offer solutions for:

We are aware of the challenges that the Financial Sector faces

  • Increasing regulatory compliance requirements from the government and industry.

  • Decreasing profits and margins.

  • More competition between the current actors in the financial industry and the emergence of new players external to the industry.

  • Clients expect a digital experience from start to finish.

  • Security of the IT infrastructure and the information.

  • Integration with financial regulatory agencies and service providers.

How can K2B help you?



Autonomy and flexibility

Future proof

User experience




Future proof

User experience


Autonomy and flexibility

Specific functions for the Financial Sector

Support for Business Processes

Interaction with cross-industry systems

Boost your financial entity with a complete management system which allows you to obtain a higher degree of efficiency for your administrative, financial, and accounting processes

We are focused on understanding your needs and can adapt to the processes of each institution. That is why we are your ideal partner.


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