Godoy Cruz, the first municipality to go 100% paperless for their procedures




The city of Godoy Cruz is located in the main province of Mendoza, Argentina. Its Municipality is a provincial organism with more than 700 users in 340 agencies (sections), and they have been moving forward with a digital transformation process under the motto of “Godoy Cruz Digital”.

Ever since 2020, all of the procedures undertaken at the municipality, along with the commune’s internal processes, are 100% paperless. The project is included within the framework of a paperless plan that the municipality started implementing 2 years ago with electronic signatures. Their objective was to improve the management of procedures, to reduce administrative costs and their environmental impact.



In 4 months, the K2B team implemented K2B Gesdoc, a solution which integrates electronic and paper administrative records, and carried out the process modeling for claims and internal notes.

The municipality handles over 4,000 records a month, and the initial migration included more than 900,000 records.

The project was implemented using the agile Scrum methodology, and was accompanied with an internal change management plan.

The work was done in different stages, evolving from a full implementation performed by the K2B team, to the training, consulting, and support activities carried out for an internal team belonging to the organization.


Technologies and Tools

  • Oracle

  • Apache/Tomcat

  • Lucene (document indexing)

  • GXflow (BPM)

  • GAM



  • 100% reduction in the use of paper documents, by moving towards the use of electronic records.

  • Improvement in the management of citizen proceedings.

  • Sustainable policy which seeks to decrease the environmental impact.

  • Cost reduction, saving 5 million pesos per year.


Diego Rivera, Systems Manager for the Municipality, talks about his experience when implementing the K2B Gesdoc solution in the organization.

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