October 6, 2021

Banco Central del Paraguay automates its internal management

Banco Central del Paraguay (BCP for its acronym in Spanish) completed the process of automating K2B’s Integrated Management System (GRP). This change transformed them into a fully digital institution. The central office highlighted that this is a great leap forward that will streamline their work and increase its efficiency. The company implementing this was CPA Ferrere.

The closing process presentation was done at BCP headquarters, where several public authorities and GRP developers were present, including the Uruguayan Ambassador in Paraguay, Fernando Sandin Tusso. The opening ceremony was headed by José Cantero, President of the BCP, who stated that this step will allow for the institution to be more efficient, to save costs, and to be managed more strictly.

It is a unique and smart platform which will make it possible to automate the registration and payments processes, to run queries in real-time to know where records are located, to have more control over internal and external requests. In addition, our employees will be able to access automatic reports. The monitoring of processes using management indicators will be a major step forward”, said Cantero. Likewise, Diego Duarte Schussmuller, a full members of the BCP governing board, added that the first launch was in 2017, so the change entailed four years of implementation and management.

For her part, Olga Recalde, Head of BCP’s System Development area, mentioned that this will allow them to achieve the integration of every process. K2B consists of accounting, finances, administrative management, human resources management, documentation management, and a module for purchases and procurements.


The strength of this module is to digitalize, to be paperless. By the end of August this year, GRP was completely implemented. This is now a tangible fact for the internal management of the institution”, she concluded.

The Head of K2B, Karina Santo, expressed that the system is moving towards a concept of collaboration involving all of the institution’s transversal processes. “Some way or another, every area, with their knowledge, contributes towards this organizational process to achieve a goal. Therefore, that paradigm shift is very deep and changes the very philosophy of how an organization works”, she underlined.

Last, but not least, the Uruguayan Ambassador, Fernando Sandin Tusso, highlighted the participation of companies from his country in key projects such as this one with institutions like BCP, which is fundamental.

News article from 5 días Paraguay.

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