January 18, 2019

K2B, interoperability from the ERP

During an interview for the “Prensario” magazine, Rafael Mon mentioned: “Nowadays, even though ERPs are a key element for companies because they solve administrative management, financial and resource issues, they can be seen as a commodity. Any organizations undergoing a digital transformation need an ERP that supports them, that helps them participate in an ecosystem that has a high demand for interoperability capacities.

Since its inception, K2B has all of the elements to do this. We mean for the ERP to be the main actor in these collaborative ecosystems, promoting interoperability. We have conceived K2B as a networking platform, we have the ability to integrate and interoperate in each organization’s ecosystem, whatever their business is.

For 2019, we noticed that the SaaS strategy remains in full force. In addition to this, new functionalities have been added to improve the user experience through the use of artificial intelligence. For example, the inclusion of chatbots. We need to pay attention to the ‘Conversational Experience’. If this is not considered, any chatbots that have been integrated into ERP solutions will fail. We believe that API Economy, as well as IoT, will set the trend during 2019.

The plan is to continue improving and innovating in terms of usability and models of access to our products and services. We also aim to build up strong commercial allies within the region. Some interesting markets for 2019 are Mexico and Paraguay.

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