June 18, 2021

K2B ERP now in SaaS mode using IBM CLOUD

At K2B, we selected IBM Cloud to offer the K2B Go solution, which allows for the integration of daily activities, such as accounting, project management, and risk management, among others.

This strategy of moving K2B to a cloud-based solution under the name of K2B Go has several advantages for the solution. It allows for the solution to focus on its business and clients, while IBM Cloud takes care of the infrastructure management, the data security, of immediately providing solutions and making them accessible as quickly as possible.

By offering a Software as a Service model in IBM Cloud, K2B Go guarantees its customers both the scalability and flexibility of the purchased service, depending on the fluctuations in demand. In addition, it also allows for them to choose a WorldClass ERP which is accessible 24/7 and from all over the world.

“With IBM’s support, we can continue to innovate our applications and offer improved security in order to protect the data. This agreement allows us to offer a fully cloud-based solution for companies as they undergo their transformation”, said Rafael Mon, General Manager for K2B.

K2B chose IBM because it offers the ability to implement several technology services which can complement their solution, such as the capacity for growth regarding Artificial Intelligence through different services based on Watson, and it also offers them the possibility to offer their clients a solution that is 100% cloud native.

We are very proud of having signed this agreement with K2B to help them and support them by offering their ERP SaaS solution in the market, while also defining a strategy for the addition of new technologies based on IBM Cloud & AI, with the aim to reach positive business results.” Diego Gonzalez Lambrechts, General Manager for IBM Uruguay & Paraguay.

If your organization is still thinking: what is the advantage of having a cloud ERP? We invite you to have a look at this talk we presented together with IBM: The ERP and its road to the cloud 👇

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