March 19, 2024

K2B lands in Colombia with Scitech

In order to expand and distribute the K2B suite of solutions in Colombia, K2B has entered into a strategic alliance with Scitech, a leading technology company with more than 22 years of experience in the market.

With this partnership, both companies are committed to providing Colombian businesses access to world-class enterprise management solutions that allow them to optimize their processes and enhance their growth in an increasingly competitive environment.


K2B is renowned for its ability to provide robust and highly customizable ERP solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each organization. With a wide range of functionalities, it helps companies improve their operational efficiency and make more informed decisions.

Meanwhile, Scitech provides innovative services and solutions that have contributed to the success of numerous companies in various industrial sectors. Their deep knowledge of the local market, combined with their experience in implementing cutting-edge technological solutions, makes them the key partner for bringing K2B’s solutions to Colombian businesses.

We are excited to join forces with Scitech to bring our solutions to Colombia. This alliance not only allows us to expand our presence in the country but also to offer unmatched value to Colombian companies seeking to drive their digital transformation,” stated Rafael Mon, CEO of K2B.

In turn, Carlos Zafra, General Manager of Scitech, expressed his satisfaction with this strategic collaboration: “With this alliance, K2B becomes our technological ally, energizing our market with high-quality solutions and excellent performance already demonstrated in LATAM.”

K2B and Scitech reaffirm their commitment to work together to drive the digital transformation of Colombian companies and help them achieve new levels of success in an ever-evolving business world.


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