October 6, 2023

Log of a Successful Journey: The Migration of Frigorífico Pando to K2B FARO 10

Frigorífico Pando (FMP) joins the list of K2B clients who have already adopted version FARO 10 of their ERP system.

FMP has been a K2B ERP client since 2015. From its implementation until August of this year, it operated on version 5.2.

The K2B solution at FMP has many peculiarities that made this migration process a significant challenge. Not only are all the ERP modules implemented, but it also includes all K2B modules specific to the meat industry (referred to as “verticals”), such as Livestock for the management of livestock purchase and settlement, Slaughter, Meat Stock, Production, Wholesale Sales, Exports, Butchery, Payroll. All these modules are integrated into a single comprehensive solution. It also integrates with other external systems such as Electronic Invoicing, Weighing scales for real-time weight reading, Cold and Freezing Room Camera Systems, Packaging Systems, Black Box Systems, and INAC Supply Management.

Ensuring that this interconnected set of modules functions smoothly as a single system and continues to operate after migration, despite changes in servers and platforms, proved to be extremely complex.

Another peculiarity of FMP is that the plant cannot stop at any time. Therefore, the available time windows for migration are very limited, and there is no room for errors.

The migration took place during 24 uninterrupted hours over a weekend, and production with the new version began on the following Monday.

Throughout this process, the entire team worked in coordination, meticulously following the plan without deviations, step by step: migration and environment configuration, functional tasks, and configuration adjustments, as well as updating various modules, including all workstations distributed throughout the plant. Once all technical and functional activities were completed, a general validation of components and their integrations was carried out.

This process required intensive planning and execution, and it finally bore fruit thanks to the joint effort of the K2B team assigned to the project and the functional and technical staff of FMP.

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