A more connected, dynamic and efficient internal process automation for Banco Central del Paraguay




“Banco Central del Paraguay” (BCP for its acronym in Spanish) is an autonomous organization of a technical nature that performs the duties for the State Central Bank, as appointed in the 1992 Constitution. Nowadays, it has a monopoly on the country’s emission of money.

Given the need to deliver more robust and effective process, Banco Central del Paraguay (BCP) chose K2B to carry out the implementation of their Government Resource Planning (GRP) and documentation management (K2B Gesdoc) to automate their accounting, financial, administrative, and human resources processes.



The project was led by a multidisciplinary team including a project manager, a change management manager, functional leaders, and key users.

K2B replaced eleven systems using different technologies and contemplated the automation of other areas.

Its scope included Financial Management, Accounting, Human Talent Management, Administrative Management, Purchases and Procurement, and Documentation Management. It is estimated that the implementation of the system will take two years, prioritizing the needs of the organization and the optimization of its resources.

The operation has been carried out remotely ever since march 2020. This decision was made to look after the health of both BCP employees and the team. The team adapted their strategy and coordination efforts were increased. It was because of constant, open communication that the project was able to go forward seamlessly.



  • Management evolution: more dynamic processes, time optimization, human resources, reduced use of paper.

  • An estimated 100% reduction in the use of paper documents, by moving towards the use of electronic records.

  • More than 600 users: promoted collaborative management processes and leveraged remote working.

  • Controlled and collaborative Purchase and Procurement process.

  • Optimization of the supplier payment process and integration with internal systems.

  • Centralized, integrated and real-time information.

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