K2B automate, record and control all of the processes for Boetto & Buttigliengo




Boetto & Buttigliengo (Cordoba, Argentina) is an unquestionable referent in the country for the Construction and derived services area. Nowadays, they have a stable team of 480 employees, 90 of which are K2B users.

BBC selected K2B with the aim to have a future-proof solution. “We mainly hope that K2B  joins us in our growth process and allows us to increase our capacity as a business”.  Germán Verblud, Technology Manager.



The aim of the project was to automate, record and control all of the company’s records. This was done in two separate phases: the first one involved implementing several of the modules in the new K2B version. To date, more than 4,000 events have been entered into the system, which was done together with the Payroll Calculation (MAP) parallel. During the second phase, 100% of the solution was implemented, as well as the Asset Maintenance Management system (together with the HeXa company).

K2B not only contemplates standard administrative management elements; it also tackles operational management elements adapted to specific needs, expanding the solution for other companies in the group.

With K2B FÂRO, BBC gained a solution which evolved together with them and provided the necessary solutions for the company to continue to modernize and lead the way in matters of technology.



  • Consistency and integrity in every system.

  • Custom-made solution, expanding K2B for other companies in the group.

  • Leading company in matters of technology.

  • Information transparency.

  • Elimination of record duplication.


Here is the experience as described by Tomas Camussi, Financial Director for BBC:


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