Management of procedures and internal document processes for CONATEL Paraguay




CONATEL is Paraguay’s National Telecommunications Committee, a state regulatory agency for telecommunications in the country.

For the last few years, they have been focusing on updating and modernizing their management model, and part of this process included updating their information systems. Nowadays, they manage around 30 thousand electronic records a year.



Given the need for the organization to have a management system, the K2B team worked on implementing three large functional areas: Management of procedures and internal document processes (K2B GesDoc), Commercial Management (K2B CRM) and Administrative, Financial and Accounting Management (K2B GRP).

The project was implemented in three stages. The first one was to address the management of procedures and internal document processes. After 8 months of work, these were ready in the K2B GesDoc platform.

The system has a single place to store, search for, query and manage all of the information in and around the organism, thus fostering its control and transparency. Any individual has the option to to check the status and location of a record or procedure online via the website.

The project also made it possible to define and optimize document processes, in addition to standardizing all of the documentation by defining electronic templates in the system.

Work was carried out to model 3 processes:

  • Records for Service Requests (missionary procedures)

  • Records for Other Requests

  • Internal Documents (all of the internal management)

The following tasks were also carried out:

  • Modeling of the main routes, combined with hierarchical shipments, parameterized conditions, required documents, actions, automatic proceedings, advanced electronic signature for the highest-ranking hierarchies.

  • Integration with CRM.

  • Starting Records Online

  • Communication to different areas


Technologies and Tools

  • MySql

  • JBoss

  • Lucene (document indexing)

  • GXflow (BPM)

  • GAM



  • Management evolution: time saving, collaborative work in parallel, higher degree of transparency.

  • Definition and automation of all of the processes in the system.

  • Elimination of paper documents by migrating 100% of the records, procedures and internal documents into an electronic format.

  • More than 250 users.

  • 10 months after the system was put in place, more than 13 thousand processes have been generated, including records and internal documents, and more than 30 thousand electronic files have been attached.

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