February 24, 2022

Banco Sol relies on K2B for the efficiency of their processes

The Bank selected K2B in order to improve their internal management processes.

“Banco Sol” is a company which provides financial services in Bolivia, supporting both small businesses and entrepreneurs. Nowadays, it has a presence in Bolivia’s nine main cities with a network of more than 800 service points

By implementing the K2B’s ERP solution (K2B Enterprise), Banco Solidario will have a cutting-edge technological platform which will allow for them to integrate and optimize the Bank’s administrative processes and to eliminate task duplications between the Regional and the National Office, which will make it possible for them to centralize a sizeable percentage of their processes and to offer consistent information for all of their staff. Likewise, it will make the organization’s transformation easier, adopting better and more efficient practices.

The project has an estimated duration of six months, from the beginning of the planning stage until its deployment into production. During the project, we expect to provide a solution to the different financial management, administrative and accounting processes, including the asset and service request processes, purchase processes, contract management, commercial document management and payments to suppliers. It also includes the management of warehouses, including the reception and dispatching of assets and their inventories. Moreover, the project includes the administration of the Bank’s fixed assets.

These processes will make it possible to make automatic accounting entries as required, integrating with the Bank’s central accounting module. The execution and budget availability control records will also be automated.

In addition, a specific module will be incorporated to manage the maintenance of assets, both preventive and corrective. A document management module will also be implemented to make it possible to send documentation and other digital assets to individuals who require it or for those who need to participate in the process.

Banco selecciono a K2B

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