May 18, 2018

K2B has completed more than 6M tasks for The Offshore group

With the aim of consolidating all of their financial, budget and accounting information, K2B has executed more than 6,780,617 tasks for The Offshore group (Mexico), with an average of 15,000 per month.

The Offshore Group is an American-Mexican company which offers shelter services for foreign companies in Mexico. They currently work with around 70 companies.

Since 2015, K2B has been implemented in 8 of the group’s companies (Offshore Inc, Maquilas TetaKawi, Intugo, Zapaliname, Offshore LLC, La Angostura, TitanX and Manufacturas La Cruz). They have been focused on improving the management process, obtaining a more robust financial system, automating information, and making it possible to support the new business methods. On the other hand, K2B allows for the integration of all of the business solutions developed with GeneXus managed by the group.

While talking with Miguel Moroyoqui, the group’s IT Project Manager, he described how they carry out the implementation process on their own: “With the knowledge that our support team has acquired, it is much quicker. One of our support analysts is in charge of implementing new companies. Both support and development are now aligned and working together to implement a new company when required.

To date, we have implemented 4 companies with almost no K2B support. However, the K2B team has not set us aside; it is very important for us to know we can count on them”.

The project is being carried out together with Fusión IT, K2B’s implementation partner, who distributes the different solutions the company offers in the Mexican market.

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