October 30, 2019

K2B opens its first branch in Mexico

The objective of the expansion is to strengthen our presence in that market and to continue to implement integral management technology solutions for different industries. Next November, the base team will be operational and will start developing K2B in Mexico.

The operation will be led by Jorge Cornejo, who has already worked in several K2B implementations, and has more than 17 years of professional experience in the industry.

On the other hand, Ignacio Estefanell, K2B’s Commercial Manager, said: “we intend to replicate the success we had with different implementations across Latin America. We seek to expand towards new markets and attract medium and large-sized projects, with markets that see K2B as a networking platform to secure performance improvements and a high competitive level.

The challenge involves emphasizing the K2B FÂRO version, which added new technologies, and is strongly focused on user experience, with a friendly and intuitive interface which allows for fast parameterizations.

We invite you to the upcoming Webinar led by Jorge on Wednesday, October 30th at 10.30 (GMT-5) in Mexico.

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