May 30, 2022

Conecta starts using K2B and successfully moves forward to the next phase of the project

K2B has now been installed and is up and running in Conecta, a company dedicated to distributing natural gas in Uruguay. The project was focused on 3 key points: standardization, transparency, and integrity of the information.

With the goal of unifying and managing Montevideo Gas and Conecta, they selected K2B to implement their ERP. The first milestone has already been completed; they are now aiming to implement the solution in Montevideo Gas.

Both companies are dedicated to the distribution of piped natural gas. Montevideo Gas serves the Uruguayan capital city, while Conecta serves some of the inland departments.

In order to carry out the implementation process, it was crucial to have a direct dialogue and for Conecta, K2B, Datalogic (responsible for implementing the HHRR modules), and Hexa (for the maintenance module) to work together as a team. Each team was specialized in specific areas for the project.

At the same time, an integration was implemented with Conecta’s commercial system in order to be able to automatically account for the billing services and the reception of collections.

The project has 2 main milestones: one has already been completed with the successful go-live for Conecta. We are now aiming for Montevideo Gas.

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