April 8, 2022

URSEA selected K2B to support their business processes

With the goal of obtaining a new integrated management system, URSEA has selected K2B to implement their GRP (Government Resource Planning) solution for the organization’s planning, analysis, and integrated management.

URSEA is the Regulator for Energy and Water Services. It regulates, oversees, and provides consulting services in all sectors related to energy and water to ensure that the general population has access to sustainable products and services with the appropriate security, quality, and price levels. They are also responsible for defending customers and fostering competition.

By using K2B Gov, URSEA will reap some key benefits such as centralizing their information, integrating accounting, budget and financial management. Likewise, K2B will connect with the organization’s internal systems in order to avoid duplicates related to information data entry and to ensure the coherence of the data obtained from the different systems.

During the project, K2B will be implemented as well as the following modules: requests, purchases, contracts, warehouses, fixed assets, budget, accounts payable, treasury, accounting, and analytics.

To carry out the project, we will assemble a mixed team composed of URSEA employees and K2B members.

URSEA, welcome to K2B!

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