July 8, 2022

We have signed an agreement with Bantotal, find K2B Enterpise in their Store

Bantotal has announced an agreement subscribed with K2B – a firm in the business of automation in administrative, accounting, budget, and financial management –, towards integrating its ERP K2B Enterprise into Bantotal Store.

The agreement offers Bantotal’s clients, among others, the possibility of integrated and collaborative corporate management through the unification and articulation of information. This implies the inter-connection of the financial entity’s different internal and external systems, such as banking core, payroll systems, external payment systems, State agencies, and internal systems, among others. Additionally, it provides strategic and operational information that enables quick and secure decision-making.

As K2B’s CEO Rafael Mon explained, “Bantotal is a long-time fellow company with which we have worked on several joint projects. This new alliance will strengthen the bond between the two companies, in addition to providing the financial sector with a comprehensive world-class solution.”

We invite you to visit the Bantotal Store.

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