October 19, 2021

GeneXus Consulting and K2B move forward with their Latin American expansion after being acquired by Constellation Software

Uruguayan Software deepens its internationalization.

Two Uruguayan software companies, Genexus Consulting and K2B, plan to expand their business in Latin America with Vesta Software Group.

GXC and K2B became part of the Constellation group, a multinational of Canadian origin that integrates more than 750 software companies, which are managed with an autonomous and decentralized operating structure. In this sense, GeneXus Consulting and K2B will retain their brand and their independence. Constellation promotes networking between different group companies, which will create new opportunities for international business and professional development for the team.

It has been an honor for us to have been chosen to form part of such an internationally recognized Corporation and that they have bet on our companies for their insertion in Latin America, commented Karina Santo CEO of both companies.
Constellation’s interest was aroused by the relevance that the software industry has taken on in Uruguay in recent times and in particular by the success and prestige result of GeneXus Consulting and K2B, which have had sustained growth delivering solutions in a wide variety of public and private organizations in the region.

GeneXus Consulting, with more than 25 years in the market, has carried out more than 600 mission-critical projects while K2B on the other hand has developed world-class ERP-GRP (Enterprise Resource Planning and Government Resource Planning ) software that it has been installed in more than 40 Clients in 7 countries in the region.

The experience of GeneXus Consulting and K2B will help the multinational Constellation to strengthen its presence in the region. Added to its portfolio are 2 companies that are experts in creating solutions using the Genexus development platform, a Uruguayan product that has been recognized worldwide for its ability to build and maintain software in record times and “future proof”.

Both companies come from a common history with a third actor, which is the Genexus brand itself, which is independent of this process and which will continue to be controlled by the group of Uruguayan engineers that started this story more than 30 years ago.

“The integration to Constellation of Genexus Consulting and K2B will help us to enhance our internationalization strategy and will allow us to integrate best practices in order to deliver more and better value to our Clients”, in the words of Karina Santo, who will continue to serve as executive director of both companies.

We will continue as always, betting on excellence, maintaining our values and pursuing the same purpose: “Transforming Technology into Results”,

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