March 14, 2023

Uruguayan Post integrates State Purchases (SICE) into K2B with a single click

Uruguayan Post, a public postal company, has been using K2B GRP (Government Resource Planning) integrated management solution since 2015.

Recently, the integration of the GRP system with the State Procurement and Contracting Information System (known in Spanish as SICE) was implemented between K2B and El Correo Uruguayo. This public management system coordinates the entire procurement process, from order generation to invoice receipt, from delivery of goods to the start of contracted services.

The project incorporated the SICE Integration component and a review of operations was carried out to optimize processes and make them more efficient.

As a result of this integration, the organization began to experience benefits such as:

● Optimizing the time spent on operations by centralizing the purchase procedure.
● Creating automatic connections between K2B and SICE systems.
● Increasing operational assistance based on the functionality of both systems.

Due to the effort and commitment of both teams, the project was successful.
Clearly, this experience shows how K2B allows incorporating solutions that support the regulatory changes of each organization, adjusting processes to achieve increased efficiency and providing immediate results.

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