November 18, 2020

K2B now operates using GeneXus version 17

Transforming technology into value for our users. One of the premises of the K2B team is to upgrade our solution’s technology, always seeking to add the most value to our users, supporting permanent changes for organizations and their contexts.

Part of this upgrade includes using the latest GeneXus versions in order to harness all of its potential and continue to deliver a world-class cross-platform ERP solution.

Version 17 allows us to have new functionalities and improve the existing ones, delivering a more powerful, efficient, and secure solution, with a better UX.

GeneXus’ strengths translate into advantages for K2B:

  • Innovative, efficient and easy-to-use functionalities which make it possible to meet the different user needs.
  • Better UX, keeping the user at the center of our work.
  • Better K2B extensibility and integration, on both power and simplicity.
  • More powerful queries and data manipulation, analytics to support each task and decision.
  • Incentives for collaborative work, implementing the video call solution.

K2B heavily uses all of the components associated with GeneXus: BPM, GAM and GeneXus Query. Its knowledge base contains 17,400 objects and 709 tables, and the architecture is completely modular, extensible and service-oriented. It is built based on patterns generated by K2BTools, and has a user interface designed by its own Design System: Rigel.

A considerable part of its functionality is exposed using APIs implemented with GeneXus, which allow for it to be extended and integrated with the application ecosystem inside each organization.

In this manner, we constantly evolve with the needs of any organization and technology, operating for more than 30 clients belonging to several industries, located in Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Mexico, United States, Bolivia and Venezuela.

GeneXus moves forward, and, at K2B, we strive to keep up with this evolution and to offer even more and better features for our users.

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